“DSD discrete analog FIR filter DAC”Distribution Details(頒布の詳細について)

Since additional ALTERA CPLDs are hopelessly unavailable, only 6 DSD discrete DACs will be distributed.
XILINX CPLDs are available, but when we build a circuit, the S/N and other performance characteristics are clearly worse than those of ALTERA.
I am considering whether or not to switch to XILINX CPLDs and continue distributing DSD discrete DACs after I run out of ALTERA CPLDs.
I can imagine why XILINX would have poorer analog performance in this case…

The DSD discrete DAC has a lot of components anyway, so it takes a whole day to do the hand soldering. After that, I need to take measurements.
I need at least 2 days from the start of the project.

For the new USB board, I will distribute only 3 pieces, because it is hopeless to obtain additional FPGAs of XILINX or ALTERA QFP type.

The new USB boards have already been hand-soldered and tested for operation, so I will write the latest firmware on them and finish manufacturing.
The new USB board includes a small board for rewriting firmware (technically called a JTAG board), a raw small board for FSLED, a connector post
and a harness for connection to the USB board (see photo).

The new USB board set is 230USD.

The DSD discrete DAC will be distributed at a price of 200USD.

Compatible op-amp boards and power supply boards are also available.
Each raw board costs 5USD a complete op-amp board costs 150USD, and a complete power supply board costs 30USD.
These boards are also hand-soldered, so please allow a few days for delivery.

For orders or questions, please contact us at this address.

*This price is applicable to those who pay by PayPal from outside Japan. EMS shipping fee will be separately added as a shipping charge.

ALTERAのCPLDは追加入手が絶望的ですので、DSD discrete DACは6枚のみの頒布となります。
ALTERAのCPLDを使い切ったあと、XILINXのCPLDに切り替えてDSD discrete DACの頒布を続行するかどうかを思案中です。

DSD discrete DACはとにかく部品点数が多いですので、手半田実装を行うのに丸一日必要です。その後に測定したりしますので、



DSD discrete DAC は20,000JPY。